ZenPet ZenDog Calming Shirt with Calming Spray


  • Applies a firm and maintained hold to certain pressure points on the dog’s body, similar to swaddling a baby
  • Excellent way of helping your dog through difficult and stressful situations without medical intervention
  • Drug-free and used in conjunction with the ZenPet Calming Spray will help calm or even combat the symptoms your dog is experiencing
  • Uses:
    • Noise Anxiety e.g Fireworks, Thunderstorms & Aeroplanes
    • Travel Anxiety or Car Sickness
    • Seperation Anxiety
    • Crate Anxiety
    • Barking
    • Lead Pulling
    • General Nervousness
  • About ZenDog:
    • Activates Pressure Points
    • Light, Breathable Material
    • Four-way Stretch Fabric
    • Custom Fit
    • Comes with 1oz trail Calming Spray (Aromatherapy oil blend)