K9 B-Seen LED Light Up Dog Collar


  • 3  bright colours, Red, Blue and Green
  • 3 light settings – 1 = Fast Flash, 2 = Slow Flash, 3 = Steady Glow and 4 = Off
  • The collar/tube is lightweight
  • 1 size (approx. 66cm) which is then cut with a sharp pair of scissors to fit to your dog’s neck
  • The tube pushes into an easy fit connector each end which houses the LED lights, charging facility and settings button. It will pull out of either end in an emergency.
  • 2 very bright LED lights which result in a bright even glow throughout the collar and all around the dog’s neck
  • Easy push activation button which allows movement between the different setting
  • Recharged using a USB cable to your chosen source of power
  • Once fully charged each light function will last up to 7-8 hours.