Back On Track Royal Hock Boots


The padded royal hock boots provide support and mobility to the hock area. The padded hock boots have a breathable neoprene outer and a padded lining made from the Back on Track Welltex® fabric. This soft padded lining covers the entire hock with Welltex and the neoprene outer has a hole over the point of the hock to aid joint flexibility and fit. The Padded Hock Boots are secure and fully adjustable with three sturdy hook and eye closure straps has an opening for the point of the hock which favours a better fit. The boot is recommended for spavins, thoroughpins and other hock problems.  As these Royal boots are more padded than the individual hock boots they are not recommended for use for turnout or exercise but are great for stable use and travelling.  These boots get the best of both the better fit from having the benefit of the hole over the point of hock but it is still covered by the padded Welltex.  Sold as pair.