Back On Track Hock Boots


The point of hock in an area that is difficult to cover so these boots are made in 2 versions:

  • With hole
  • Without hole

The hock boots with a hole have an opening at the point of hock which favours better fit and helps the boot to stay in place better.  However, for certain conditions such as capped hocks (hock bursitis) it is essential that the point of hock is covered for best results, so in this case the boots without the hole would be favourable.  To reduce the risk of the boot without the hole sliding down it is recommended that you bandage below the boot or use in conjunction with Back on Track wraps.  This will also prevent trying to tighten the Velcro straps too tightly to prevent slippage causing unnecessary pressure points.  These are sold as a single boot for left or right leg in sizes S – XL. The inside is composed of 50% cotton, 50% Welltex & the outer boot is made of Neoprene.