As a way of ensuring you are certain the product is right for you we are able to offer some products on a rental or trial basis

– enabling you to ‘Try Before You Buy’.

Our Rental / Hire / Trial / Try Before You Buy service allowing you to try your chosen product on your animal/s. Your chosen product will be hired by you for a period of 2 to 4 weeks giving you the time to use and familiarise yourself with the product, and allowing you the opportunity to see the benefits. You pay for the product up front and your product will be sent to you in new condition. If it’s not suitable or you don’t like it, for whatever reason, return it to us in the same condition and a full refund will be given less the hire charge.
Terms and Conditions apply but the current range of products we offer through our rental scheme are below.

 How does the Rental/Try Before You Buy Scheme work?

Once you have chosen the product you wish to hire, a hire period (of 2 to 4 weeks) will be agreed between you [the customer] and The Animal Therapy Hub.

FULL payment (RRP Price) must be made for the chosen product before we send the product out to you.

Once the hire period is complete, the product must be returned to us undamaged and in full working, clean condition.

The item can be hired for a maximum of 4 weeks. After this time the product cannot be returned and no refund will be made.

Upon receipt of the returned product, a refund will be made to you LESS the hire charge for product (please see below for prices).

Product RRP Hire Charge per week on Returned Products
£0 – £40.00 £4.00
£41.00 – £60.00 £6.00
£61.00 – £80.00 £8.00
£81.00 – £100.00 £10.00
£101.00 – £120.00 £12.00
£121.00 – £140.00 £14.00
£141.00 – £160.00 £16.00
£161.00 – £180.00 £18.00
£181.00 – £200.00 £20.00
£201.00 – £220.00 £22.00
£221.00 – £240.00 £24.00
£241.00 – £260.00 £26.00
£261.00 – £280.00 £28.00
£281.00 – £300.00 £30.00
£301.00 – £400.00+ £35.00

If you have any queries please feel free to contact us to discuss.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. It is the customer’s responsibility to take care of the product during the rental period and to ensure the product is kept in good, clean, working order.
  2. The customer is responsible for ensuring the product is kept safe from theft and loss.
  3. The customer cannot request a refund for the product after the agreed hire period has lapsed (maximum of 4 weeks hire period).
  4. When returning the product to The Animal Therapy Hub we recommend using a postal service that offers tracking options and ensure you have the suitable postal insurance in place as any loss/damage in transit is the responsibility of you; the renter/customer, not the responsibility of The Animal Therapy Hub. You remain liable for any loss/damage during the rental and transit period.
  5. Return postage is be paid by the customer.
  6. The hire period (up to a maximum of 4 weeks) will begin on an agreed date. An invoice will be raised confirming the start and return date of the hire period.
  7. Return / ‘End of Hire’ Dates are subject to change should they fall on Public Holidays or there are postal strikes. Any change in dates will be communicated and confirmed to the customer.
  8. Upon receipt of the returned product – provided the product is in clean, full working condition – a refund will be provided LESS the hire charge.
  9. The Animal Therapy Hub does not accept any liability for loss or damage whilst the product is hired and used by the customer. The Animal Therapy Hub can offer help and advice on how to use the hired product and happy to answer any other queries you may have.

The rental service is available in the Cheshire and Staffordshire areas. Please contact us to see if we cover your location.


Equilibrium Therapy Massage Pad

Massage Pad Fitting
Massage Pad

How does it work?

A lightweight and portable massage pad, which works by stimulating the muscles on the horse’s back through pulsing, vibration and stroking actions.

Clinically proven to improve back flexibility and promote relaxation. The pad is shaped to follow the contours of the horse’s back, provides coverage from withers to quarters

Battery operated 30-minute sessions

Three different, easily adjustable programs that allow you to choose the intensity of the massage


Horses on box rest to promote blood flow

After exercise to help with toxin removal

Before exercise as part of warm up

On your horses day off as part of a maintenance programme

To help alleviate back problems

At the moment we only have one pre-used ex-demo models available so terms are slightly different. If you would like to trial this product please contact us for more info.

Rental Rate = £30 per week

or £10 per 30 minute session

Please contact us for Terms & Conditions and for further information


Coming Soon…More Products Available To Rent

We are continually adding to our portfolio of products, to enable you to provide the very best for you and your animals.

Do you have a particular product in mind you would like to ‘Try Before You Buy’?

If so why not contact us to see if we would be able to arrange this for you.