How To get involved

Become a product tester for us

We are often sent new items and products from companies to test.

It might be a new range of products a new company wants to bring to market or an existing product from and already established company that they may want to tweek slightly, prototypes for testing, or a product that is already used for certain conditions but the suppliers want to know if it would be useful for other conditions too.

You must live within live within 20miles of Nantwich/Winsford (Cheshire) area so that we can easily drop products off with you, show you how to use them, check in regularly to see how you are getting on, collect them from you etc. If you are interested in being a tester for us drop us an email at and we will send you a short questionnaire to complete so that we have all of your and your animals details on hand should particular products come to us for testing.

Post Purchase Review

Have you purchased a product from us and want to tell us if it has helped or not helped, or you have found a different way to use it etc, any and all feedback is very valuable to us so that we know in the future to recommend certain products for certain conditions, situations or not.

Also, being a smaller more personal company we pride our selves on our excellent customer service, have we done good, is there something we could improve on. Feel free to let us know your experiences at

Send us your pictures

We love the see you and your animals wearing our products, send us a picture we will put it on our website, and social media outlets you’ll be famous!!

Send your pictures to or post them directly to our social media pages. You must have copyright permission to be able to use the photo and permission from any people in the picture to use it..

Organise a Demo

Why not get together with a few friends and family, yard buddies, riding club, agility club members etc. and organise a demo with us. We will come and fetch products that use different therapeutic modalities so you can compare and contrast many different options and products. You will learn about the differences between different therapies, when to use which, the contra-indications of each, get to touch, feel and play with the products.

As a lot of these products are not usually found in your average tack store mainly on line you don’t usually get to see them in the flesh or try them before you buy them which can be really useful.

If your animal is based at the location of the demo we can even get their measurements too ensure you are getting the correct sizes, you can try stuff on your horse/dog etc.

There is no obligation for anyone to buy anything its more about education. However, all participants will get 10% discount codes that can be used on the website or on the day.

We can do these demo’s in any format you wish some prefer a more formal talk/lecture style, or we can set up different stations around a room and work around each station. We can also do them in any location, no facilities are necessary, ie. we have done them in a conference room, empty stable, barn, or we have a gazebo we can set up in outdoor space. We can do them at the weekends, evenings, or some want daytime for yard staff cpd.

We also have a trade stand so if you are having an event, competition, clinic or open day and want a stand with products that are a bit different and more about education, helping people and animals let us know we are always more than happy to attend. These do get booked up quite far in advance so you will need to book us for these as soon as possible

Products you think we should stock

Seen something advertised in the press, in forums, on social media think it would fit in with our ethos of natural, drug free, therapeutic, performance, veterinary, physio support let us know.

We will do our research and get them in stock if we believe in the science they are supporting. It doesn’t matter where in the world they are from as we have some products we recommend and sell that come from all over the globe as well as here in the UK.

That was one of the reasons we started this company to make it easier for you the customer to be able to get some of these innovative products from around the world without having to foot massive postage charges. Contact us at

Become an Affiliate

If you are a professional, such as a physiotherapist, chiropractor, vet, massage therapist, physical therapist, hydro-therapist, trainer, instructor, saddle fitter and you like the idea of having a shop associated with your business especially a shop with our kind of ethos but you don’t want the hassle of it all, then look no further.

When you look into what goes into the running of a store even just an online store there is a lot more in it than you initially think, customer orders, suppliers, invoices, website maintenance, extra insurances required, stock, control, storage, VAT, day to day running etc that’s just the start of it. Let us take all of the hassle out of it for you.

How it works; we supply you with your own personal code to use at the checkout on our website for all full price items (sale items and arc not included).You can give this code to all of your customers, clients, friends, family and use it yourself, advertise it on social media what ever you want to do with it.

This code will give its users a 10% discount which will encourage them to use it rather than come directly to us and you will get 5% commission on every purchase. Therefore, by doing not very much other than recommending products that you would probably be recommending anyway you are just pointing people to somewhere they can purchase them with discount, you earn yourself 5%.

If you use your code to purchase things for yourself or your business such as rock tape if you use kinesthetic taping, or a photizo to use on clients animals, stuff for your own horse, dog or you such as the back on track clothing range for all of those little niggly injuries we all pick up, you use you code which give you 10% off plus you get the 5% commission. Amazing hey?!

To register your interest email us at and we will send you some forms to complete and t &c’s.

The Arc Business Model

Are you a farrier, physio, vet or other equine professional?

The Arc business service model is becoming extremely popular with equine professionals
🔘Hire units to your clients
🔘Split invoices
🔘Extra Income
🔘Just to name a few!

For more information contact us by email, or call 07515552694 or 07876594744