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All the contact information and a brief outline of the product/services is provided below. Should you wish to purchase please click through to the vendors website or use the contact details. 

When purchasing be sure to mention The Animal Therapy Hub as with some of our partners & associates you will receive a discount, free gift or you’ll be looked after especially well!  But it also allows these companies know how their customers are finding them.

Even though we don’t physically provide these services/products ourselves, we believe in them and know them well so please feel free if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Transcend Bitless Bridles


Transcend offers a light, soft, gentle bridle, made in quality English leather. The bridle allows for two direct, distinct, subtle cues, and aids the achievement of finesse and refinement.  

Currently only from Sue Thomas in the UK. There is a shop, accessible via the Website and Facebook page, and for bespoke orders please contact to discuss.


Phone: 07767 660915

Email: [email protected]



An orthopaedic padded and sealed flooring system that goes beyond comfort, resulting in healthier horses, better air quality in the stable, and substantial cost savings.


An investment that pays dividends for years to come. 


Phone: 01488 854005

Email: [email protected]


Flexineb Nebulisers


An easy-to-use veterinary medical device that silently produces a very fine mist of aerosolized drug for the treatment of respiratory issues in horses.


Phone: 01488 854005

Email: [email protected]




Specialised personal training for horse riders. Helping riders oneness with their horses and be fit & healthy for riding as long as possible. Focus on Rider Biomechanics through Fit2Ride and equipilates and Sports Massage.


Phone: 07792 461964

Email: [email protected]


NKC Equestrian Training


The Leading Provider of Horse First Aid Training with a choice of one day workshops and online courses on Horse First Aid, Laminitis and Nutrition. 


Nicola helps owners and riders build on their existing knowledge, and provides the most up to date information available.  


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