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How does it work? The science behind the technology

The body’s natural biocurrents are required to produce ATP.  They are also responsible for the flow of nutrients into and out of each cell.  ATP is the power behind this transport process, it is the energy source.

When you, your pet or horse are injured or ill, ATP production is decreased slowing the flow of nutrients and causing a back up of waste by products in cells.  This causes pain.

The Arc Equine’s microcurrent technology uses the body’s own natural biocurrents.

It turbo charges ATP production by up to 500% when the body is least able to.

This kick starts and accelerates the body’s ability to recover, reducing pain & inflammation, allowing the body to start to heal earlier.

Due to this injuries can heal up to 50% faster, which means better repair, less scarring, less long term damage and therefore less chance of injury recurrence.

Conditions it has successfully treated

The Arc Family of products have been used for many years to successfully treat numerous problems such as:

Pain & inflammation                          Tissue, ligament & tendon injures                           Bone injuries

Navicular                                           Laminitis                                                                  Nerves

Wounds (acute & chronic)                 Kissing spine                                                           Torn cartilage & muscles

Sarcoids                                            Arthritis & other joint conditions                               Sacroilliac problems

Mud fever                                          Tying up                                                                   Splints

Micro tears                                        Intermittent lameness & stiffness                            Windgalls

Lactic acid dispersal                         Sweet itch & other skin conditions                           Bruising

I would like a demostration

Michelle and Lindsey are delighted to be ArcEquine Ambassadors.

Our expertise in the ArcEquine technology enables us to showcase the drug free, non-invasive device and its easy application.

One of our Demo Days are an excellent way of discovering first hand the benefits and applications of the Arc range of devices.  Keep an eye on our social media to see when we will be holding one near you.

Not able to make it? Don’t worry, we can come directly to you to show you how this revolutionary technology can benefit you & your animals.  We cover the whole of the Cheshire & Staffordshire area.  If you are elsewhere in the country we can make an appointment for the representative for that region to visit you.

There is no obligation to purchase so why not gather together with friends and/or colleagues for an informal, friendly chat to find out how the Arc can become one of the most versatile tools in your toolbox.

If you are a professional (vet, physiotherapist, chiropractor, farrier, rehabilitation centre, trainer, etc.) wanting to bring the benefits of ArcEquine microcurrent therapy or other Arc products to your clients we can come and see you to discuss how to incorporate it into your business and add an additional revenue stream.

 Want to know more? Contact us…

Phone: 07515 552694 (Michelle) / 07876 594744 (Lindsey)


ArcEquine Ambassadors