About Us


Hello and welcome to The Animal Therapy Hub!


As animal lovers and owners, we’ve created a space dedicated to products designed to support animal health and wellbeing.

Our ethos is to champion natural methods and share the many benefits of working in harmony with our animals. 

We’ve researched and hand-selected the best performing products on the market today; ensuring each and every one is drug-free, natural and offers the end-user a therapeutic benefit.


At The Animal Therapy Hub you can:

Compare therapeutic products all in one place

Contact us for expert help and advice to assist and advise you on selecting, sizing and fitting

Keep up-to-date with the latest industry research, expert ideas and opinions

The Animal Therapy Hub was created from Michelle and Lindsey’s desire to provide animal owners with a selection of therapeutic products to help maintain animal health/well-being, optimise their fitness and support training & rehabilitation.

Nothing can replace veterinary care but management techniques that encompass therapy, in various forms, can be beneficial to the health and well-being of the animal in question.

Remember – each animal is an individual and their individual needs must be assessed and catered for.


Michelle Woolrich


Owner & Founder


I’m a highly experienced, qualified & registered equine physical therapist, coach, trainer and consultant, who also runs successful sister company Cheshire Equine Therapy.  As a result, I am in an excellent position to advise on the products The Animal Therapy Hub has to offer. I am passionate about therapeutic products that support and enhance the work I currently carry out with my clients.


Lindsey McDean


Owner & Founder


I’m an avid horse and dog owner, with vast amounts of animal experience, qualifications (including a current animal medicines advisor), and involvement for many years in the equestrian retail sector. I am dedicated to ensuring The Animal Therapy Hub customers are choosing the right product for their animals. Together with Michelle, we aim to be your go-to destination for all things animal therapy.

We both strive to provide a friendly, personal and professional service.

Please feel free to contact us to learn more about who we are and what we do!


Why was The Animal Therapy Hub created? 


As animal owners we all have one thing in common; we want our animals to be happy, healthy, sound, and pain free.

Whether they are participating at high level performance in their sport, or a much beloved pet; we all have this same common goal.

Over time, we are now gaining a greater understanding of ailments and injuries that affect both ourselves and our animals.

In partnership with the care and medication prescribed by a vet, many of us are looking towards finding ways of supporting our animals through natural holistic, drug free alternatives. This may be due to the need to alleviate problems and issues that arise, enhance and support performance or promote health and well-being.

  In the competitive world, there is an increasing number of constituents added to the banned substances list every year. Therefore the demand for products that are holistic in nature is increasing to eliminate exposure to banned substances.

There are numerous holistic, natural products on the market today from many different manufacturers from all over the world.

Products of this nature have been created based on a sound scientific basis with fantastic therapeutic health benefits for supporting veterinary treatment, physical therapy, rehabilitation, fitness, training and pain management.

And so The Animal Therapy Hub was born! Bringing together the best selection of products available on the market all together in one place.

Making caring for our beloved animal’s health and wellbeing that bit easier to navigate.