How’s your First Aid knowledge?

As horse owners minor injuries and ailments come with the territory. Many of us have a selection of lotions and potions ready for action in our First Aid Kit in the hope we never need to use them. More often than not we do and no matter our level of experience it is vital to stay updated and informed on what we can and can’t deal with ourselves before involving a vet.

Accidents don’t just happen in Winter

Winter brings with it big changes not just in temperature but changes in our horses management routines; often a change of grazing, stabling routines, feeding habits and levels of work. Of course accidents can happen at anytime but preparing yourself with the knowledge to deal with these as they arise is the most powerful tool in your toolkit.

Nicola (NKC Equestrian Training) offers a choice of training for those looking to update their knowledge on wound care, colic, disease and nutrition.

Working alongside vets to bring you the very latest information available, all of Nicola’s courses are built on scientific evidence and facts. Horse owners of all ages and levels of experience can benefit and expand their skills and knowledge.

Best of all courses are available via one day workshops and online making them accessible to all. To learn more head to Nicola’s website NKC Equestrian Training here or head to our ‘Associate Partners’ page here.

Until next time, Michelle and Lindsey x

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