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With so much choice out there, we wanted to shine the spotlight on each of our products and delve further into how the product works.

First up in our Product of the Month series is the product StreamZ Global.

So, what are StreamZ Global?

StreamZ Global are unique 360˚ magnetic bands available in 3 forms – equine (EQU StreamZ), canine (DOG StreamZ) and human (YOU StreamZ). These clever products don’t use conventional magnetic technology; they work using magnetic resonance.


What is magnetic resonance?

Not heard of magnetic resonance before? Well let me tell you more…

Magnets (in a health benefit sense) are used to target specific areas of the body often through their traditional pulsating effect.  Constant pulsing from the magnet has shown to increase blood flow, heat and release of tension in the local muscle. These benefits are a result of the pulsating effect increasing electrical conductivity in the blood and the number of ions (ions are atoms that carry a charge of electricity).

StreamZ bands differ from traditional single polarity magnets. Although they contain a magnetic field they do NOT create a pulsating effect. This is down to their smart-material containing FIVE separate multi-directional low-frequency polarity fields. The result?… the StreamZ bands spin instead of pulse! This continuous spiralling motion technique in magnetic therapy is known magnetic resonance.

So how does Magnetic Resonance offer health benefits?

Eric Dodd, the inventor of StreamZ Global explains more…

“For both humans and animals, that ‘steady state’ is the Earth’s low frequency magnetic field (7.83Hz). The ions in motion are the chemical ions found in fluids and minerals within the cells of the body (copper, iron, magnesium, etc.). Various high-frequency man-made substances (such as power cables, TVs, mobile phones) and natural substances (such as radon in rocks, the sun, and water) alter the natural resonant state within the living body ̶ this affects the distribution of ions and minerals within the living system. In effect the body does not operate at its most effective state.

As we move through the 21st century, environmental exposure to man-made high frequency electromagnetic fields has been steadily increasing as growing electricity demand, ever-advancing technologies and changes in social behaviour have created more and more artificial sources.

At a cellular level, human cells resonate either in healthy vibrational states or they exist in varying forms of disharmonious (unnatural) states of oscillation. For example, cells in ‘pain’ will resonate in a disharmonious or less-than-ideal manner. These same cells, if exposed to their low frequency natural state, will once again vibrate in healthier modes and at their optimum state.

The spiralling effect created by StreamZ smart-material interacts with the individual frequencies of the minerals and ions in the living system. This process is known as bio-magnetic rebalancing and works by speeding the charged particles up to a very high energy level and naturally arranging them into an organised spiralling motion.

Similar to mechanical resonance (as seen in the rocking of someone on a swing), magnetic resonance technology offers a tool to rebalance the resonance value on a cellular level and thereby ensure that the most optimum state of each ion and mineral is achieved.”

The StreamZ Global magnetic resonance technology offers natural pain relief and recovery. They can be worn 24/7 as the technology does not create a pulse like a traditional magnet would, therefore, no heat is generated.

Do StreamZ Global work?

The frequencies and material used in StreamZ Global took 15+ years to develop and copyright and trademarks are in place. These products are NOT sold as medical devices and are yet to achieve full clinical status. Independent clinical studies have been carried out on the EQU StreamZ (gait analysis, joint flexibility and stride lengths/patterns) by BSc students on a group of 20 horses (follow this link for results of this and other studies/trials: The study was not peer-reviewed so the results cannot be recognised by science as “clinically proven”.


Results are key and StreamZ Global, as well as us here at The Animal Therapy Hub, have anecdotal evidence from customers on the benefits witnessed using the StreamZ Global products. Anecdotal evidence is as important to some as a clinical stamp of approval. Further clinical studies are being carried out by StreamZ Global with the purpose of them being published and peer-reviewed.  

Visit for the full list of endorsements but here is a small list of some of the many endorsements from StreamZ Global:


DOG StreamZ

Dawn Weaver – Team GB Agility Manager
Stacey Irwin – Team GB 2017 Double-World Champion
Nicola Wildman – Team GB Trainer
Jenny Lovegrove – Dog Agility Trainer & Owner
Labradors in Need Charity
Search and Rescue (Anglia)
Birmingham Greyhound Protection
Re-Home Animal Rescue Dog Organisation

EQU StreamZ

Guy Williams (International Showjumper)
Sophie Wells MBE (2012 & 2016 Paralympic Gold Medallist – Dressage)
Hovis the Horse – Horse&Hound Friday Diaries
TAJ Sports Endurance
Sarah Wiseman – England Polo Player
Nancy Csabay – Canadian Barrel Champion 2016
John Best Racing

YOU StreamZ:

Dr. Ray Winter (General Practitioner)
Pat Harris (Reflexologist MAR, ITEC, MNFSH, MFHT)

The StreamZ Global products are available:


DOG StreamZ Fitting


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