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Start of a new week here already, and it almost seems like we haven’t been away. Kelsall Hill was our home last weekend for 3 days at the BE event  – our first show of 2018. The event was action-packed with over 1,000 horses competing and the weather held out pretty much the whole time, so all in all a great way to finally kick off our show & event season.

So why do we do it? Why do we go through the effort of packing up the products, setting off on the road and setting up the stand at the crack of dawn in all weathers (and oh yes we mean all weathers!).

Michelle and I love it…we love to meet people and their animals.

We both enjoy finding out how we can help support people on their journey whether that be rehabilitation, managing ongoing conditons, preventative methods or just helping them discover exactly what is it we do. It’s great to see the products out in the field with many visitors bringing their four-legged friends along (by this we mean their dogs, it’s not so easy to fit the horses into our gazebo!!). The days are often long but, fuelled by the tempting treats from nearby food stands (we are impartial to a good slice of homemade cake – who isn’t?!), we thoroughly enjoy getting out and about meeting lots of people and their animals. Putting faces to the ‘Animal Therapy Hub’ name and helping everyone realise who it is answering their calls/emails, who it is that lovingly parcels up their order and who it is that wants to help them make a difference is why we go through the effort of travelling around to shows and events.

It’s hard to choose which events to go to but we try to select a good range of events and disciplines (equine and canine) so we can meet as many people as we can in person. As you know the Great British weather often has the final say in which events get the go ahead. It’s been such a shame to see so many succumb to the bad weather this year especially after all the hard work and effort it takes to put an event together. But we are almost in May so fingers crossed Spring will have got the memo and make a return.

So here’s hoping we see many of you on our travels throughout the year.

See you soon, Michelle & Lindsey x





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